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 Jeunesse Experience PROMOTION

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The Jeunesse Experience PROMOTION



This promotion will run from May 1–July 31, 2012 midnight EST.


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Get ready to participate in one of the most remarkable promotions ever! Winners will join corporate executives, global management, staff, and top earners from around the globe this September 9, 10, and 11, 2012 to help celebrate Jeunesse’s Third Anniversary with an International Conference you won’t forget. This first-class event will be a true ‘game-changer’ and is sure to go down as the biggest event in the history of Jeunesse thus far. Participants will have a rare opportunity to witness the unveiling of the all-new ‘enhanced Jeunesse brand’ in addition to an exclusive product launch. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss out on these truly defining moments.

Prepare to discover all that awaits you in this exciting, bustling metropolis of sights, lights, and sounds. Soak up the sophisticated lifestyle and glamorous atmosphere that surround a city famous for its dazzling “East-meets-West” culture, and let your taste buds experience some of the world’s finest cuisine. Authentic dragon dances, street parades, savoury dim sum, and shopping–these are just a few of the exciting activities that Hong Kong has to offer. And no trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to Victoria Harbour for a stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade to enjoy the breathtaking views. Later in the evening, hop on a ferry and catch the dazzling A Symphony of Lights multimedia lightshow, featuring more than 40 Hong Kong skyscrapers. If an unforgettable time is what you are looking for, this is the place to be–Hong Kong has it all!

Event Tickets:

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Early Bird Special 
(Buy your ticket early and enjoy valuable savings!)
$59.95 USD.* Includes the all-day conference on the 10th and the morning conference on the 11th.

Event Special
$79.95 USD. Includes the all-day conference on the 10th and the morning conference on the 11th.

How to win:

1. Travel points qualification.

All ranks can accumulate travel points based on the packages listed below, throughout the duration of the promotion.

• Ambassador Package: 25 pts.
• Jumbo Package: 15 pts.
• Supreme Package: 10 pts.
• Basic Package: 5 pts.
• Upgrade from Basic Package to Ambassador Package: 15 pts.
• Autoship Youthful Aging Package: 10 pts. for you and 5 pts. for your first level Distributors who purchase the package (for every month purchased).

What you win…

50–149 pts. = One complete event ticket (excludes hotel and airfare)**
150–249 pts. = A two-night hotel stay plus one complete event ticket (excludes airfare)**
250–349 pts. = A two-night hotel stay, one complete event ticket, and an airfare voucher for $500.00 USD**
350–499 pts. = A two-night hotel stay, one complete event ticket, and an airfare voucher for $1,000.00 USD**

Plus, double your points (in the 250 or 350 brackets) and qualify to bring a second person!**


2. Cycle qualification (ranks Sapphire and below).†

Generate at least 200 cycles and accumulate 50 travel points throughout the duration of the promotion to win a two-night hotel stay, one complete event ticket, and an airfare voucher for $500.00 USD.**


3. Director qualification (ranks Ruby and above).

Maintain your REAL (highest rank earned) Director level rank…

• for one month and accumulate 50 travel points to win a two-night hotel stay, one complete event ticket, and an airfare voucher for $500.00 USD**

• for all three months and accumulate 50 travel points to win a two-night hotel stay, one complete event ticket, and an airfare voucher for $1,000.00 USD**

Plus, advance in rank to the next level rank from your REAL (highest rank earned) Director-level rank for any one month, accumulate 50 travel points, and qualify to bring a second person!**

So, book your plane ticket, reserve your hotel room, purchase your event tickets, and grab your camera. Get your team organized now, because this event will change lives and make fortunes.

This is your time and Hong Kong is the place! Stay tuned for more exciting details to come…

*Available only May 8, 2012–June 30, 2012 midnight EST.

**Winners are responsible for making sure they have a current passport (with September 9, 2012 being at least six months from the passport’s expiration date) and if necessary, a Visa to enter Hong Kong. All rooms based on double occupancy. Double occupancy winners may choose who they wish to room with. All tickets, points, airfare vouchers, and credits are non-transferable and non-refundable. No cash substitutions allowed. Members must be Active and in good standing with the Company to participate in the promotion. Airfare reimbursement vouchers to qualifying Distributors will be deposited to the Distributor’s Wallet account within 30 days of qualifying.

†Cycles are calculated on the first day of the month for the preceding month.



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