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Armonia - Alpujarras Alternative Medicine Services - Wellness clinics in Orgiva and Costa Del Sol (Nerja), Spain.

Dave's Natural Healing Site - Seichem and Sekkem master offers treatments and information on various healing modalities. Contact details for mobile practice based in Arroyo de la Miel and Estepona, Costa del Sol.

Kumo Ki - Personal page of reiki master living in Gran Canaria.

Mayni Cristina Aceves - Usui master offers treatment and classes in Spain or Argentina. Contact details.

Tera Mai Reiki Holistic Healing - Information on courses and treatment. Multilingual site maintained by Hans van Leeuwen in Barcelona.

Art Medical Service Company - Information about this Polish centre of natural treatments which offers homeopathy, Yumeiho, traditional Chinese medicine, Bach flower, and medical consultations. Site is viewable in several languages.

EEG Biofeedback Institute Czech Republic - Offers clinical practice for ADD.

The International Association of Reiki - Information on educational programs and retreats worldwide. Founded by Mari Hall, in the Czech Republic. Multilingual site.

Brighinda - Offers healing sessions with light, plantessence, reflexology, and sound. Multilingual site based in Bruges, Belgium. White Lotus - Diagnostic services. Based in Russia.

Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends - Medical/scientific group of specialists, international forum of the healing professions. Grete Häusler, head. Multilingual site.

Centro de Terapias Integral (C.T.I.) - Energy healing and courses in Reiki, magnetic-mental-spiritual, cosmic energy, spiritual healing, flower essences. Roberto, director. Based in Spain. Multilingual site.

Counselling-Therapy and Psychological Care - Holistic therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, spiritual care. Conrado Eduardo Grandville, director. Dénia, Costa Blanca, Spain.

Dr. Sipan - Natural therapy healer using healing touch. Umag, Istria, Croatia.

Eliksir - Dr. Despot is a crystalo-therapist practicing Tibetan medicine in Rijeka, Croatia. Multilingual site.

Mr. Raeel Akhatov, Hereditary Healer - Offers information about Bioenergohealing and its benefits.

Nelly Dimitrova - Medicine woman who possesses divine power to cure people. Multilingual site. Sofia City, Bulgaria.

Rolf Drevermann - European healer based in Ibiza, Balear Islands.

Hypnotherapist in Stockholm - Short facts on hypnotherapy, from Mr Khadraoui, Ba from AIH and Diploma from London Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

Reflex Point - Sessions in Helsinki, Finland. Provides information on the clinic, a historical time line on this complementary modality and useful links.

Rae Daniel - Sessions in Costa Blanca, Spain. Contains practitioner profile, brief description of therapy.



International Reiki Learning Center - Thomas Claire offers healing treatments and training. Contact details and links. Based in New York City and Paris, France.

Light of the South - Mona C. Hauser practices Reiki and shiatsu in Pégomas. Information on level 1 and 2 Usui workshops. Multilingual site.

Anki Petersson - Offers classes in Stockholm. Information on chakras, pyramids, astrology, tarot, and numerology. Multilingual site.

Anna-Lena Vikström - A traditional medium from Lapland who give spiritual guidance all over the world. Articles and information, forum, and contact information. English and Esperanto.

Attila Kupi - Independent master and teacher in Helsinki. Overview, hand positions, and articles. Multilingual site.

Monte Mariposa - Residential center in Algarve offers workshops in Reiki and other holistic modalities. Rates and course information. Multilingual site.


Serafin Naturheilpraxis
Corinne Heitz, Naturopath, offers alternative/complementary medicine in Wolfhalden, Switzerland. Multilingual site.

Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing - Martin Brofman provides information on chakras and healing, Body Mirror System of Healing, workshops. Multilingual site. Lausanne, Switzerland.

Health Center Seelisberg - Offer traditional treatments of Maharishi Ayur-Veda. Details of treatment and prices. Switzerland.

Tao Energywork - Patrick Notz offers energy seminars for improved health, well-being, growth and rejuvenation. Multilingual site. Switzerland

White Light Radionics - A method of analysis and re-balancing based upon the principles of radiation and resonance. Courses and consultation. Katherine Gray, founder. Multilingual site. Zürich, Switzerland.

Serafin Naturheilpraxis - Corinne Heitz, Naturopath, offers alternative/complementary medicine in Wolfhalden, Switzerland. Multilingual site.


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