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The Holler Sanatorium - Offers information on recuperation and rehjuvination using alternative methodologies. Includes location information of the clinic which is situated in Bad Mergentheim, Germany.

Cura Aromatica - Aromatherapist in Ludwigsburg, Germany offers massage and custom blending services. Information about using essential oils and case studies are also provided.

Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre - A private clinic offering treatment in Ayurveda. Bad Ems, Germany.

Wellveda - Carsten Schneider Ayurvedic Doctor - Blankeneser Bahnhofstrasse 29, 22587 Hamburg, Germany (Nienstedten)

Feng Shui Elauper - Esther Lauper  +49 202 572678 - Emilienstr. 9, Wuppertal NRW 42287, Germany (Duesseldorf)

Ayella Tantric Massage - Yella Cremer 49 201 7475935 - Zindelstr. 9, Essen - Ruhrgebiet, Germany (NRW)*

Ananda Full Body Massage - Martina Weiser +49 221 6086585 -Cologne / Koeln - Frankfurter Strasse 40 - D-51065 Cologne, NRW, Germany

Tamtookwan Traditional Thai-Massage - Ramin Assemi - Berlin +49-177 880 1063

Torsten Hartwig - Naturopathy. 0049 4384 5835 - Am Wald 11, Selent, Schleswig-Holstein, 24238, Germany (Hamburg)

Ulrich Stadter Yoga +498225  308535 - Krankenhausstrasse, D-89343 Jettingen - Munich

Michael Nixon-Livy - Bowen Therapy Neutostructural Integration Technique (NST) Kirchzarten, Germany 79199

Biobehaviors - Biobehavioral coaching targets those physiological systems that have been working ineffectively or inefficiently and which are the cause of high stress levels and reduced performance. Based in Germany.

The Society for Holistic Meditation - Founded in 2002 at the University of Hamburg (Germany) to investigate methods of meditation. Offer on line programs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Society of Germany - The International Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, offers in depth study and information in all five classical disciplines of Chinese Medicine: Chinese herbal medicine examining over 5000 herbs and formulas), Diet/nutrition, Qi Gong, Tui Na, Acupuncture , and mind/body balancing. Course in theory and practice of Chinese medicine.

Herzlich Willkommen - Akupunktur und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin (TCM)


Exercise Teachers & Classes. Health Spas

Yoga Karlsruhe - Hatha Yoga and Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga for beginners and advanced. Teachers are also specialized in Pranayama and in Marma points

Pilates Centre Berlin - In our studio in Prenzlauer mountain an experienced, international team expects(awaits) you first-class qualified trainer(coach).

Bareiss Spa - Hotel Bareiss im Schwarzwald Gärtenbühlweg 14 72270 Baiersbronn-Mitteltal


Complementary and Alternative Health Austria

Dr. Gábor Littasy - Homeopath, psychosomatic energetics, neurology and psychiatry practice in Vienna, Austria. Details about the practice, philosophy, education and specialties.

Exercise Teachers & Classes. Health Spas

The Mayr Health Spa - They have been offering the F.X. Mayr Cure since 1976. On this site you can inform yourself about their house and offers.

Yang Tai Chi Stephan Hagen -Tai Chi learn on the week-end in Hamburg.





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