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Quantum Clinic Natural Holistic Health - Qualified Naturopath located in London, England.   

Naturopath and Osteopath - Physician specializing in Structural, Cranial & Paediatric located in Westfield, Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom.  

Holistic Holidays Lanzarote Retreat - Information on therapies, relaxation and activities in Lanzarote villa, Canary Islands.

Ayurvedic Clinic - Provides a range of Ayurvedic therapies and treatments including massage and herbal remedies. Courses also available. Located in South Croydon, England.

Ayurvedic Therapy Centre - A UK based residential centre specialising in treatments, yoga, meditation and healing.

Darulshafa - Hakim Mazhar Rana is a Medical Herbalist who uses traditions from the Middle East.

Godfrey Brothers Traditional Herbalists - Contact details and description of the wide range of natural medicine and health services available. Located in the UK.

Godshaer Herbalist - Alan Hopking is a herbalist from Christchurch, England.

Holistic Practice in North Wales, UK. - Dr. Leslaw Henryk's herbal medicine practice and dispensary.

Marianne Last, BA, MNIMH, Medical Herbalist - Qualified, insured and experienced offering advice and treatment for a range of health problems from clinics in Monmouth, Cardiff and Blackwood, UK. Includes information on allergies and seasonal tips.

Max Drake, Medical Herbalist - Medical Herbalist and teacher of Herbal Medicine. He is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

Sean Henderson MNIMH, Medical Herbalist - Practices herbal medicine in Dumfries and Glasgow, South West Scotland.

Adrianna Holman - [London] Clinic and email consultation details. Bio, testimonials, FAQ and information about first aid

Andrew Miller - [Dalry, Ayrshire] Classical homeopath available for consultation.


Annamaria Small - [Chichester] Details of her practice and various related resources for patients.

Annie Hall - [Lincoln and Louth] Practice information for homoeopath and health counsellor. Also sells remedy kits

Barbara Geraghty - [Wimbledon, London] Homeopathic practitioner.

Cherry Smith - [Purley, Surrey] Practice details including net consultation. Information about homeopathy and allergies.

Chris Wilkinson - [Bristol] Information about his homeopathy practice, the Venus Stella Errans and Alabaster provings, and information about the remedy Hekla Lava.

Coral Byford - [Brentwood, Essex] Short introduction to her practice.

Daphne Nancholas - [Penzance] Practitioner specialising women's health using homeopathy and herbs. Personal introduction and practice details.

Debbie Lorraine and Stella Ward - [Sunderland, Tyne and Wear] Information about their practice and the process of treatment, some self help advice, plus an introduction to homeopathy.

Sue Preston - [Neath, South Wales] Clinical hypnotherapist outlines her therapy services and conditions treated. News, biography, FAQ and fees.

Sumiko Martin - [London and Essex] Therapist offers information about hypnotherapy as well as treatments offered, including child's play therapy for children with emotional or behavioural problems.

Susan Green - [North Staffordshire] Mobile practioner gives an introduction to general hypnotherapy, and a personal biography. Practice details including fees, location, and FAQ.

Susan Little Hypnotherapy - [Bristol] Practitioner outlines her therapy services. Cost, FAQ and biography.

Tadpole Hypnotherapy - [Southampton] Overview of therapy services and symptoms treated. Articles, talks, lifestyle packages and gift vouchers.

Terrence Watts - [Southend, Essex] Information on analytical and suggestion therapy. Case history, scripts, knowledge base, FAQ and biography.

Terry McEwan - [Glasgow] Details of hypnotherapy and counselling services. Includes a brief introduction to the works of C. Murry-Parkes and Elizabeth Kubler Ross, and an overview of grief and bereavement.

Terry Westwood - [Milton Keynes and London] Offering hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching. Information on sessions, home groups and courses.

Dr. Auromira A. Parks - Licensed and registered Naturopathic doctor trained in Canada. Practising at The London Health Clinic in the West Hampstead area of London.

Naturopath and Osteopath - Physician specializing in Structural, Cranial and Paediatric located in Westfield, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Trisha Stewart Clinic - Trisha Stewart, health consultant, located in Newton Abbot, Devon, Great Britain.

Wholistic Healthcare UK - Michelle Matthews ND, Australian trained Naturopath located in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Amanda Weller - Sessions in Godalming, Surrey. Contains FAQ, theory, testimonials, and a typical session. - Sessions in Bournemouth Dorset. Contains information about this and other complementary modalities, practitioner profile and contact details.

Barbara Watkinson Clinical Reflexologist - Sessions in Chorley, Lancashire. Contains practitioner profile, information about this modality and its benefits, contact details and price list

Footsteps Clinic - Sessions in North Cumbria. Contains FAQ, expectations, theory of this complementary modality, and conditions helped.

For Feet - Sessions in Walton-on-Thames. Contains FAQ, theory, and history.

Forever Feet Reflexology - Sessions available in Whetstone, London. Contains FAQ, and contact information.

Gary Ankin - Sessions in Buckinghamshire. Contains practitioner profile, and information on styles practiced.

Happy Soles Reflexology - Sessi

Happy Feet Reflexology - Sessions in Christchurch Dorset. Contains information on booking a session, a brief overview of this complementary modality, and sessions for prenatal and children clients.

Reflexology - Clare Macfarlane - Sessions available in Suffolk. Contains theory, history, benefits, practitioner profile, and sources.

The Reflexology Clinic - Sessions in Bushey, Hertfordshire. Brief overview of this complementary modality, description of benefits and a typical session, information on scheduling an appointment.

Reflexology Direct - Directory of reflexologists that offer a mobile service.

Reflexology for Rebalance - Sessions at Droitwich Spa, Worcester. Practitioner profile, history of reflexology, treatment description, how reflexology works, treatment times and prices.

Reflexology for Women - Sessions in Leighton Buzzard. Contains brief theory, practitioner profile, case studies and conditions helped.

UK Reflexologist - Sessions in Middlesex and Surrey. Contains contact information, benefits of a session, and map of outcall area.

Heather K Ward - Gentle, natural healing for humans and animals with a reiki master.

Karen Morley - [Southampton] Life and natural Health Coach, specialising in NLP, hypnosis, reiki, kinesiology, testing for allergies/intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The Kether School of Reiki - [Midlands] Gives full details of our training courses to Master/Teacher level.

Natures Cures - [Essex] Liz Adams specialises in healings and attunements, runs healing courses and makes own flower essences.

Transitions Reiki - [West Yorkshire] Information about treatment following bereavement, for terminal illness (no charge) and mental health issues.

Tripuri Dunne - [South London] Usui master offering training and treatment.

Usui Reiki Healing - [Coventy] Brief history of Usui methods. Treatments available for people and animals.

Christopher Hansard - Master Physician of Tibetan Bön Medicine. Author, educator on ancient Tibetan lifestyle, health, and spirituality based in London, UK.

Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine - London-based clinic offers treatments by practitioners with expertise in various traditional medical systems, including Tibetan Herbal Medicine.



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